Release notes: vcore 1.5.2

Last modified: Wednesday March 18, 2020.

Learn about new features and any issues found in testing for the vcore software 1.5.2.

About this release

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The vcore software provides the features for your Vaion enterprise security solution.

Table 1 – Software release details

Release label Release date Software build number
vcore video management system software
version 1.5.2
(Released to the Stable Upgrade channel)
March 17, 2020 vcore: 200310_05193

Table 2 – Previous software release details

Release label Release date Software build number
vcore video management system software
version 1.5.2
(Released to the Beta Upgrade channel)
March 11, 2020 vcore: 200310_05193
vcore video management system software
version 1.4.3
(Released to the Stable Upgrade channel)
March 11, 2020 vcore: 200310_05192
vcore video management system software
version 1.4.2
(Released to the Stable Upgrade channel)
February 27, 2020 vcore: 200221_05017
vcore video management system software
version 1.4.1
(Released to the Stable Upgrade channel)
February 20, 2020 vcore: 200213_04911
vcore video management system software
version 1.3
(Released to the Stable Upgrade channel)
January 14, 2020 vcore: 191218_04435
vcore video management system software
version 1.1.1
November 15, 2019 vcore: 191115_04099
vcore video management system software
version 1.1
November 14, 2019 vcore: 191114_04084
vcore video management system software
version 1.0
October 31, 2019 vcore: 191030_03905

What's new

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This release includes the Vaion vcore video management system 1.5.2 software. In this release, vcore provides the following features:

Table 3 – New features — vcore video management system software release

Feature Description Added in
Counting rules

Create rules that trigger on Count areas, to gain intelligence about the physical areas you monitor, and to receive notifications when your pre-defined criteria are met.

See How to: Create rules for Counts

vcore 1.5
Bookmark video clips and edit shared links

Bookmark video that needs further analysis, or that needs to be brought to the attention of your colleagues. You can also edit any links that you have shared with others, and Administrator users can monitor and if needed, delete shared links.

About: vcore Saved Clips tool
How to: Bookmark video clips
How to: Edit Saved Clips

vcore 1.5
View estimates of the storage used in your vserver appliances, and the storage used by each camera

Monitor the total storage used across your Server groups, and the storage used by each camera.

How to: Monitor the storage used by your Server group
How to: Monitor the storage used by each camera

vcore 1.5
Disable inactive channels on encoders or multisource devices

When using an encoder or multisensor device, you might want to disable one or more channels.

See How to: Disable inactive channels of encoders or multisource devices

vcore 1.5
Add Fire alarm pull station icons to Map view

In Map view, the available informational icons have been expanded to include Fire alarm pull stations.

See How to: Link your site maps and add extra information markers

vcore 1.5
Objects in view counting

Building on the basic object counting (available from vcore 1.2), Live object counting counts all the people and vehicle objects in the view of a camera, or in the view of selected groups of cameras.

See: How to: Create live counts of objects in view

vcore 1.4
Line crossing counting

Configure areas with line crossing rules, to count the number of people entering and leaving areas.

See: How to: Create counts of objects that cross a line

vcore 1.4
Download count information as .csv

Download the count information from either your Objects in view counts or Line crossing counts as comma separated variable files.

See: How to: Download historic object count information

vcore 1.4
Carry out quick searches from Video view and Map view

You can now search for objects directly from the Video view or Map view tools.

See: How to: Quick search from Video view ,
How to: Quick search from Map view

vcore 1.4
vcam devices installation

To install vcam devices, you do not need to preconfigure credentials.

See: How to: Add Vaion vcam devices to vcore

vcore 1.4
Configure Advanced Field of View cones in Map view

To improve the accuracy of object placement in Map view, configure Advanced Field of View for your cameras.

See: How to: Set camera fields of view

vcore 1.4
Search for audio detections

Search for audio detections that have been logged by vcore.

See: How to: Search for audio detections from Vaion vcam devices

vcore 1.4
Automatic updates for vcore

Configure automatic updates for your vcore video management system.

See: How to: Update your vserver firmware

vcore 1.4
Backup and Restore vcore from vcloud

Backup your vcore configurations to vcloud. When needed, select hte appropriate backup to restore to vcore.

See: How to: Configure remote backup and restoring of configuration on your vcore video management system

vcore 1.4
Audio support for Vaion vcam devices

The Vaion vcam range of devices include audio analytics and detection. This release adds support in vcore for Audio Rules, showing the audio events on Map view.

The microphones are part of the cover of the vcam devices; if the cover is not correctly fitted, the vcam device cannot receive or process audio.

See: How to: Create rules for audio

vcore 1.3
Improvements to timelines

The visual design and workflows for the timelines have been updated.

See: How to: View live video or play back recorded video

vcore 1.3
Link to Vaion docs added to the vcore user interface

You can now link directly from the vcore user interface to the Vaion docs documentation portal.

You are routed to the correct documentation portal; either the main portal if your vcore is on the stable track, or to if your vcore is on the beta track.

We recommend that you only use the beta software track for test systems. All productions systems must be on the stable release track. 

vcore 1.3
Supportability improvements To enable the vcare Support team to better support your Vaion products, improvements have been made the log files created by vcore, including adding timestamps to the log bundles, and introducing variable packet capture (pcap) capture lengths. vcore 1.3
Updates to the line-crossing algorithm

To improve the accuracy of the line-crossing detection, changes have been made to the algorithm used for these detections.

See: About: Line-crossing detections
How to: Create rules for line-crossing, and
How to: Search for line-crossing

vcore Beta 1.2
Enhancements to the Video view

This release combines the live and playback features into a single pane.

You can also now choose to view bounding boxes on objects (people, and/or vehicles) detected by the Vaion analytics, and display a count of people and vehicles.

See: How to: View live video or play back recorded video,
How to: Enable bounding boxes in Video view, and
How to: Enable basic object counting in Video view

vcore Beta 1.2
Option to delete data for a camera

The ability to delete the data from a specific camera, perhaps in response to a privacy compromise or a breach of regulations, has been added into the vcore software.

See How to: Delete recordings from a camera

vcore Beta 1.2
Improvements to the Alarms & Events tool

The way that the Alarms & Events tool handles long lists has been improved. Additionally, you can now use advanced search to more easily find specific alarms.

See: About: vcore Alarms & Events page
How to: View Alarms & Events in vcore

vcore Beta 1.2
Support for webhooks

vcore 1.2 introduces the ability to configure webhooks to enable vcore to sent alerts using the communication or messaging tools of your choice.

See: How to: Create webhooks to send vcore notifications

vcore Beta 1.2
Tools to enable a camera to be easily swapped

In the event of a camera failing, vcore now includes options to replace the camera, synchronize the video from the original camera, and to add the new camera on the Video view and Map view.

See: How to: Swap out a broken camera in vcore

vcore Beta 1.2
Area masking for analytics

You can now define areas of a view where analytics should not be run.

See: How to: Define areas without analytics

vcore Beta 1.2
Visual indication for upgrade status When upgrading the vcore software, you are now shown a progress indicator so you can monitor the progress of the downloading and installing of the vcore upgrade package. vcore Beta 1.2
Map view now includes a timeline vcore now includes a timeline on Map view. vcore Beta 1.2
Improved logging features This release includes improvements to the way information about the health of your vcore video management system and your cameras are collected. vcore Beta 1.2
User permissions

This release introduces fine-grained access permissions, so that you can define roles and decide which permissions are assigned to each role.

Using this feature, you can now define access on a per-site basis.

See: About: vcore Users tool

vcore 1.1
Assign roles to sites or camera groups

From this release, you can apply a specific role to a group of users for specific sites or camera groups. This enables you, for example, to create an administrator role just for devices within a single office or region.

See: About: vcore Users tool

vcore 1.1
Improved vcore logging

Error logging has been improved so that more information useful in diagnosing issues is captured in the log files.

See: How to: Download log bundles from your vserver appliance

vcore 1.1
Improved NTP settings

You can now configure multiple NTP servers for use by your Vaion clusters, server groups, and servers.

See: How to: Configure your Vaion server groups to use NTP servers

vcore 1.1
Improvements to Map view

You can now use Map view to track vehicles in the field of view of your cameras.

The choices of icons you want displayed on Map view has also improved.

See: How to: View the locations of people or vehicles on your site maps using Smart Presence

vcore 1.1
Improved search options

This release includes improvements to the search bar used in the Devices tool, and Video view. These search bars now include a filter option enabling you to search for detailed information, for example, the Manufacturer, or the IP address of a camera.

See: About: vcore Devices tool

vcore 1.1
Improved user interface feedback for camera stream and analytics

If vcore does not receive suitable video streams from the cameras connected to it, the analytics might be degraded or not available. This release provides better feedback to users in this situation.

See: About: vcore Video stream requirements

vcore 1.1
Video stream rotation

To maintain compatibility with the widest possible number of third-party cameras, vcore can now rotate the video being supplied from the camera, to ensure the correct image orientation when displayed in Video view.

See: How to: Adjust camera parameters from within vcore

vcore 1.1
Vaion vcam camera support

This vcore release includes features to upgrade the camera software from vcore. You can also use the manual and auto-focus controls in vcore to change the vcam camera focus.

See: About: vcore Devices tool

vcore 1.0
Clustering of vserver appliances

Create clusters of vserver appliances that work together to provide multi-site coverage.

Beta featureSubject to change

See: About: vcore Servers tool

vcore 1.0
First time experience See important information about the Vaion enterprise security solution the first time you log into vcore.

vcore 1.0

Retention period improvements The settings to enable you to better configure how your video is stored and retained have been improved.

vcore 1.0

New Firmware available notifications Administrator users are notified when new versions of the vcore firmware are available.

vcore 1.0

Camera credentials improvements You can now add notes to each set of camera credentials.

vcore 1.0

Digitally-signed exports When you export video and metadata, the files are digitally-signed (watermarked) so that you can prove they have not been tampered with.

vcore 1.0

Encryption of exported files When you export video or metadata, or send links to recorded video, you can choose to apply AES-256 encryption so that only those authorized can view the recordings.

vcore 1.0

Secure LDAP Use secure LDAP when importing users using your LDAP servers.

vcore 1.0

Resolved issues

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These issues have been resolved:

Table 4 – Resolved issues

Reference Resolution Resolved in

A vulnerability has been resolved in the vcore software.

See VAION-262: plaintext password in audit log when user changes their password

vcore 1.5.2
4178 An issue where operators with some modified Roles observed a User Interface loop with multiple errors when sharing bookmarks has been resolved. vcore 1.5.1
4175 An issue where attempting to upgrade vcore from version 1.2 to version 1.5 sometimes failed has been resolved. vcore 1.5.1
4184 An issue where you could not create a shared link, resulting in a spinner and error being displayed, has been resolved. vcore 1.5.1
4143 An issue where, if you set the Shared link Disable date, and then edited the date you'd set, the system defaulted back to the original date has been resolved. vcore 1.5.1
4139 An issue where passwords were not correctly converted from ASCII to Unicode, causing passwords with certain characters to fail, has been resolved. vcore 1.5.1
4133 An issue where the Field of View button in the Map view Information Layers dialog did not toggle the Field of View cones on the maps on and off has been resolved. vcore 1.5.1
4132 An issue where the count summary for vehicles was incorrectly displayed in the 123 Counts | Line crossing side pane has been resolved. vcore 1.5.1
4066, 4082 Issues where, irrespective of permissions and roles assigned to a user, all users could see the Export icon has been resolved. vcore 1.5.1
3888 An issue where Alarms & Events show as ongoing, even after being acknowledged and dismissed, has been resolved. vcore 1.5.1

A vulnerability has been resolved in the vcore software.

See VAION-260: vcore gateway certificates revoked

vcore 1.5.1
4020 An issue where Automatic SW update did not always update your vserver appliance has been resolved. vcore 1.5
3784 An issue where, if an object of interest was located near the edge of the video pane, you could not select the object to carry out a quick search has been resolved. vcore 1.5
3398 An issue where you could move the only Administrator user into an user group with only Operator roles has been resolved. vcore 1.5
3753 An issue where, when configuring line crossing counts, if the line was drawn to the edge of the camera view, the line sometimes disappeared when you attempted to edit the line position has been resolved. vcore 1.5
3286 An issue where, when configuring Count areas, adding a second camera resulted in the camera being misaligned has been resolved. vcore 1.5

A vulnerability has been resolved in the vcore software.

See VAION-257: vcore SSH server vulnerable to denial-of-service attack

vcore 1.4.2

A vulnerability has been resolved in the vcore and vcloud software.

See VAION-254: Camera credentials accessible via debug API

vcore 1.4.1
3240 An issue where deleting cameras from vcore was not reflected in Map viewhas been resolved. vcore 1.4
2662 An issue where the vcore user interface repeatedly warned about degraded analytics being detected has been resolved. vcore 1.4
2316 An issue where vcore was limited to only maintaining a list of the last 100 alarms and events has now been resolved. The user interface now shows results in a paged layout. vcore 1.3
2818 An issue where, when viewing Video view, if you moved to another browser tab and then returned to the vcore tab, all thumbnail views froze, and no video was displayed has now been resolved. vcore 1.1.1
2768 An issue where renaming a map in Map view caused all the cameras to appear to be removed from the map until you manually refreshed the browser has been resolved. vcore 1.1.1
2736 An issue where users could not log in to vcore after having their details synchronized using LDAP over TLS (LDAPS) has been resolved. vcore 1.1
2584 An issue where vcore intermittently lost connection to the Vaion remote access vcloud service has been resolved. vcore 1.1
2537 An issue where existing Map view thumbnails were displayed in low resolution after upgrading the software from vcore Beta 3 to vcore 1.0 has been resolved. vcore 1.1
2526 Issues where temporary stream conditions from some third party cameras caused vcore to incorrectly report warnings even though analytics were functioning correctly have been resolved. vcore 1.1

2404, 2582

An issue where, if you attempted to export or link less than four camera views, the export or link did not work has been resolved. vcore 1.1
2499 An issue where vcore incorrectly calculated time based on UTC rather than local time has been resolved. vcore 1.1
2259 An issue where, when playing back video from some higher resolution cameras, the video intermittently stopped, paused, and then start playing again has been improved. vcore 1.1
1320 An issue where, after setting a new hostname, a restart was required, but there were no notifications in the user interface, has now been resolved. vcore 1.1
2547 An issue where, on upgrading from vcore Beta 2 to vcore 1.0 RC1 without first upgrading to vcore Beta 3, resulted in you being unable to view Devices or to view or search video due to the user permissions being incorrectly updated, has been resolved. vcore 1.0
2500 An issue where, when using the Date & Time setting in Rules, the time was incorrectly set has been resolved. vcore 1.0

Known issues

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During testing, we have found the following issues in these releases.

These software versions have been extensively tested on the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system, using the Chrome browser.

Table 5 – Known issues — vcore video management system

Reference Issue

Issue: When trying to view too complex a Video view layout on a PC with insufficient hardware specification, a significant delay in live video may be experienced. This situation is exasperated when using cameras that provide fewer than three concurrent video streams, as higher than optimum resolutions and frame rates are then used for the viewing live video.

Workaround: Using PCs with higher hardware specifications (especially with better GPUs) reduces the delay experienced. Also, simplifying the Video view layout, and using a 2nd PC to display some of the Video views will further reduce the delays.


Issue: There is currently an issue where, in some rare circumstances, the communications between the individual vserver appliances in a cluster are repeatedly send, causing high bandwidth usage and can impact features that require inter-vcore communications. For example, this could cause the viewing of remote video to be unavailable.

4113 Issue: If an object in a camera view is already being tracked when a counting rule becomes active, that object is not included in the rule count.
4104 Issue: After carrying out a factory reset, vcore incorrectly calculates the available storage, and erroneously labels disk space overhead and reserved space as being used by recordings. All recordings from before the factory reset are deleted and cannot be viewed.
4082 Issue: If, whilst in Map view, you open the video thumbnail in the side panel, you can access the Share link options, even if you do not have permissions to share video.
3748 Issue: On occasion, the Vaion analytics might briefly detect a single object as multiple objects. If this situation occurs near a line crossing count, the count could trigger on the erroneous multiple objects, leading to an incorrect count being shown.
3708 Issue: When carrying out similarity searches, if you have many results and add and remove thumbnails, the user interface can become unresponsive, with spinner icons displayed instead of video.
3646 Issue: On some 3rd party PTZ cameras, Vaion vcore does not recognize and calibrate the zoom features.
3467 Issue: If you save a video view, but do not make it public at this time, you are unable to later edit the settings to make the view public.

Issue: When you have configured several vserver appliances as a cluster, any pop-up notifications that should appear for each cluster node are only shown on the master appliance.

Workaround: All alarms and events are correctly listed in the Alarms & Events dialog.

1264, 1881

Issue: In certain testing environments, especially in smaller rooms where low lighting levels, shelving, rack-systems, cables, and other hard edges are in close proximity to the cameras, the Vaion software might display false vehicle detections.

266 Issue: In clustered vserver installations, you cannot export video from clustered nodes.

Issue: If third-party cameras do not support the multiple streams or the GOP profiles required by the Vaion vcore video management system, these incompatibilities might impact the accuracy of the Vaion analytics.